Accounting for Business and Individuals

Investor Services

Share Investors

For the client who is an active investor, we provide a computerised share register for capital gains and record keeping purposes. This additional service aims to relieve the client of the need to retain CGT records for extended periods of time. We will provide a quote upon request for the collation of data and initial set up of the register. Once established, we update the data annually and can quickly and accurately advise you of the CGT implications should you wish to sell any of your investments.

Property Investors

The team at Ascot Accounting has extensive knowledge of the taxation rules and obligations of rental properties. There are a number of factors that must be considered when making property decisions that will impact your tax position, cash flow and loan structuring. Also what is the best entity to buy in?  Property is a big commitment and we advise our clients to consult us before making a decision regarding a property sale or purchase.