Investors & Property Developers

Whether you invest in shares, property or a bit of both, our aim at Ascot Accounting is to keep you properly informed of any CGT obligations and taxation requirements to ensure you are armed with the correct information at all times.

Property Investors

Property Investing is a big commitment that can potentially deliver huge rewards.

At Ascot Accounting we have extensive knowledge of the taxation rules and obligations regarding rental properties. As there are a number of factors which could impact your tax position and cash flow when purchasing or selling a property, it’s important to consult with us prior to making any decisions regarding property.

You will especially need to take into consideration the loan structure and best entity to purchase in, to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes such as extra stamp duty.

Property Developers

Developing your property can be an exciting undertaking that can see your property portfolio quickly expand. At Ascot Accounting we specialise in working with small lot developers who want to maximise the potential out of their parcel of land, to ensure they have the correct structure in place and understanding of taxation effects and GST rules.

Share Investors

For the active investor, we provide a computerised share register for capital gains and record keeping purposes. This additional service will relieve you of the need to retain CGT records for extended periods of time. Once established we can update the data annually to quickly and accurately advise you of the CGT implications, should you wish to sell any of your investments.

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